OPTION 1 ~ weekend dates & hours for 100/200 hr -

Friday - Sunday ~ Jan 4-6, 2019
Friday - Sunday & Weds ~ Feb 8-10 & Weds prior, Feb 6, 2019
Friday - Sunday ~ March 8-10 & Weds prior, March 6, 2019
Friday - Sunday ~ April 5-7 & Weds, April 10, 2019 ( end of 100 hr )
Friday - Sunday ~ May 10,11 ( Mothers Day TBD ) & Weds, May 15
Weds, May 29 & Fri, May 30- Sun, June 2 (abbreviated hours)
Be.Teaching Friday - Sunday, June 7-9  & Weds prior, June 6, 2019

Wednesday hours: 7-9:30 p.m.
Friday hours: 6-9:30 p.m.
Saturday hours: 12:00 -7 p.m.
Sunday hours: 9 - 6:00 p.m.

OPTION 2 ~ dates & hours for YTT 100/200 hr, 2019:

YTT will meet on the following Mondays 9-4:00 p.m:

Be.Rooted ~ January 4 -6 ( OPTIONAL email for details )

 Be.Aligned ~ February 4,11

 Be. Fluid ~ March 4,11,25

Be. Breathed & Inspired ~ April 8,15,22,29 ( end of 100 hour is 4/15 )

Be.Introspective ~ May 13,20

Be. Teaching ~ June 3, 10 ( All YTT will meet June 6, 7-9 pm )

Please note: If you choose the Monday option for 200 hr there will also be Anatomy sessions 1-2 times a month you must attend.

Requirements for 200 hr YTT Certification:

  • Attend all YTT dates and times above at Be.Yoga.

  • Attend one Kripalu day field trip with Kristin ( included in 200 hr price ). This full day will be from 6:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Date TBD in April.

  • Maintain weekly log with commitment to personal asana & meditation exploration.

  • Successfully complete and turn in reading and written assignments / asana presentations each month.

  • Attend 25 classes at Be.Yoga. At least 10 must be with Kristin, which are included in training. 30% discount is offered off of class card purchases to attend other teacher's classes.

  • Attend 2 yoga classes of your choice at another yoga studio for observation / exploration.

  • Attend two additional Wednesday evening trainings with guest lecturers, dates TBD.

  • Create and offer 5 - 30 minute classes before graduation with 1-6 people ( family, friends, colleagues) and have feedback forms filled out by each person.

  • Create and offer 1 - 1 hour Seva class at Be.Yoga with concentrated theme of your choice.

Training Investment: 

Note: all prices listed below will have 6.35% CT Sales Tax added to them

 100-hour training: $1,800 (includes first 4 modules & corresponding manual for 100 hr)                
 100 hr training can be used within 1 year to complete 200-hour
 200-hour training: $3,400 (includes all weekend modules, guest teachers, manual, and group Kripalu day )

Non-refundable deposit of $400 paid when application is submitted. 
in addition - 3 books will need to be purchased - approximate cost is $50

click here to make a payment.>>

testimonials from this last years training:

"Working with Kristin in the Be.Yoga Teacher Training program has been one of the very best gifts I've ever given myself! What a luxury it has been to bathe in the study of yogic history, philosophy, energy and practices with an intimate group of like minded women! Kristin's poetic ability to deliver, communicate and help me better understand this ancient, yet modern culture has served me well and allowed me to make it my own." ~ Tobey

"I am so honored to have been a part of Kristin's first YTT at BE Yoga. I could not have imagined how comprehensive this training would be! I knew from taking Kristin's weekly yoga classes that she presents yoga right down to the deepest cellular level. Still, I was unprepared for how much, as a group and individually, we would learn. As questions arose, they sparked meaningful discussions. Kristin's expressions of compassion and sensitivity cultivated the same behaviors in others and created a warm, safe circle of yogis. We were encouraged to bring our unique experiences and backgrounds to the circle and these differences were clearly celebrated. This is definitely not One-size-fits-all yoga teacher training! I learned to deepen my personal practice and how to naturally incorporate yogic principles into my work as a teacher of cross-cultural shamanism and spiritual studies. As a result of taking this training, I am confident that yoga will become a joyful and lifelong practice for me." ~ Joyce ~

"Kristin is always open and flexible, yet leads you to stretch your limits, while respecting your boundaries. She has an ability to bring out the unique gifts each student brings to their practice and future teachings. Kristin's ever smiling gentle spirit is inspirational and provides a nurturing, supportive environment for self discovery and growth." ~ Jan

Who will benefit from this experience:

Anyone interested in expanding their lenses to embrace yoga in a myriad of different ways that is interested in doing something for themselves that is nourishing, engaging and introspective. All who are interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher understanding & embracing their unique skill sets who isn't wanting a training that reflects a singular philosophy/approach .

Topics covered:

Teaching Methodology
Practical teaching methodology begins by knowing your students to better understand what yogic tools will best serve within the particular age range/experience demographics. Techniques, applications and modifications will be taught in regards to demonstrating, observing, cueing and assisting students. The importance of language both from an anatomical viewpoint and also from an energetic sense will be taught to describe moving into, aligning/modifying and maintaining the position as well as exiting postures. Discussions of methodology will explore techniques and practices to heighten insightfulness in communication and include the practices of mindfulness and being present with both individuals in a private setting and group dynamics. Differences between being a teacher rather than just an instructor will be considered. Topics will include accurate, clear verbage and different ways of observing and questioning to assimilate individuals and also the groups needs. We will look at and demonstrate the importance of how to center a group, how to create safe space for students physically and emotionally. Methodology will include the art of sequencing for vinyasa and non-vinyasa settings, how to establish a student-centered class, how to manage group dynamics, appropriate language, assisting and cueing. Kristin will share her 20 plus years experience of several different teaching styles. We will look at each posture individually, learn how to sequence them in a Vinyasa and Non Vinyasa setting. We will also learn the principles of Yin Yoga and how to layer practices within the energetics of seasons and cycles of life thru Amy. Myra will be leading anatomy and speaking from her Iyengar background.

Physical Anatomy
The teachings of physical anatomy will be in relationship to yoga postures. We will begin with the feet as our foundation and build proper alignment and posture from there. Myra Holt, a physical therapist and alignment based yoga teacher will be teaching physical anatomy. The anatomy of the pelvis and hips will be explored using a skeleton model and anatomy resources will include books with diagrams of the superficial, intermediate and deep muscle layers.Emphasis on modifications will be addressed in regards to staying safe through the knees, hips and shoulders and what postures pose the highest risk of injury and instability.  We will also explore the relationship between each system of the body from a physical standpoint and also energetics of how each system affects us in subtle energy body. The benefits of yoga on each system in the body especially the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, endocrine, nervous and respiratory system.

Subtle Anatomy
Subtle anatomy dives into the physical body in regards to the astral and causal body. Moving from the ground up and the outside in, we will discuss and experience the 5 Koshas and their unique meanings. We will integrate thru the Tree of Yoga, different ways to purify and enhance the energetic qualities of each sheath will be explored. Monthly, the chakras and meridians will be integrated and compared similarly and differently. We will look at where each energy center is located in the body, the glands affected, the energetic color, shape, corresponding element of nature, emotional and physical qualities of balance and imbalance will be explored as well as the bija sound, which we will chant. We will discus the Ida, Pingala and Shushumna Nadis in relationship to the spine and their feminine, masculine and stabilizing qualities. Kristin is passionate about ways to engage and motivate yogis in the way they interact with movement and motion.

Yoga Philosophy
We will open this segment by considering What is Yoga? How did Yoga survive and evolve for thousands of years ago and how does it serve different ages, races and cultures now in a modern world? We will look at the Tree of Yoga and Patanjali’s 8-limb path and how it is we stand on the shoulders of the past. The importance and relevance of the Yamas and Niyamas not only in our role as teacher but also off the mat the way in which our lives are a reflection of where our energies are directed. Ethics are not just something to consider in the classroom and our group will brainstorm applying the Yamas and Yiyamas to every day life through personal journaling and dedications to the practice. We will dive into the Sutras and explore their meaning in modern world. We will discuss the interrelationship of the different paths of Bhakti, Karma, Raja and Jnana Yoga and how we can apply them in a practical matter.

Ethics & Lifestyle
We will explore the reasons one might serve in the form of Seva (selfless service). You will have the opportunity to cultivate and oversee a personal Seva class that will be offered during the training. In regards to ethics we will discuss the importance of establishing a safe and nourishing environment for students and the ethics of relationships within the studio such as respectfully assisting, supporting a yogic environment that is clean and hygienic. We will also go over the importance of a daily routine and self care, discussing different yogic Kriyas to consider.

Why do many yogis choose a certain lifestyle and diet? We will go over the importance of vibrant health and learn different tools to create that environment. How our environment and nutrition affects our physical and subtle bodies. Amy Bannon an Ayurvedic specialist, will lead us through the fundamentals of Ayurvedic philosophy. We'll consider ways to live in harmony with the seasons and our constitutions and how we can address our own imbalances. The question we'll consider again and again is "How am I feeling? What do I need?"

Business of Yoga
The business of yoga will address different things to consider when teaching yoga in different settings and what to consider when self-employed! We will go over personal liability and insurance options and talk about different ways to market yourself personally and/or if you own a yoga studio. Different accounting programs will be reviewed and the steps to run personal/professional business utilizing local media, social media, advertising, mailing lists, etc. Kristin has owned several different studios across the country and will bring her 20-yr. business background to class!

In the first third of the program, trainees will be research the Sanskrit/English titles of pose, the history of each name, the postures physical benefits, any contraindications and important modifications and then will present to the class this research followed by sharing specific alignment of the pose. This research will then progress to include drawing with stick figures and including the Sanskrit/English names together to build to a mini-sequence reflecting an opening, a focus of mid-class theme or an ending. Eventually midway through the program the next exercise will be a Chakra class built with other members of the class. Building on this knowledge trainees will then team up with a partner to build a themed class 60 minutes long. In the last third of the course, trainees will teach a 60-minute long class open to the community with a Seva emphasis for donations.

 Yoga Teacher Training Staff:

Lead instructor - Kristin Clark-Cork, E-RYT-500, CNT

Click here for Kristin's bio

Anatomy instructor - Myra Holt, RYT, RPT, BA

Julie Erasmus, RYT - Reflexology and Yoga

Amy Bannon, RYT - Ayurvedic & Lifestyle Specialist

Katie Deming, RYT - Arm Balances and Inversions

Scott Cork, RYT - Subtle Body & Luminous Field Tracking

In addition within each module, guest teachers/speakers will offer their specialized area of interest in relationships to different yogic practices / meditation practices.

Payment plan options: 

100-hour training: $400 non-refundable deposit with application; 4 equal additional payments, due before YTT each month. (A valid credit card must be provided for automatic payments along with a signed payment agreement.)

200-hour training: $400 non refundable deposit with application; 6 equal additional payments, due before YTT each month. (A valid credit card must be provided for automatic payments along with a signed payment agreement.)

Cancellation policy: $400 deposit paid with application is non-refundable. If you foresee any problems completing either course please discuss with Kristin prior to your commitment.

 Make up Policy:

 "Life does happen," and though you have made a commitment to attend all modules of the training as listed above, emergencies and other life commitments may arise. All training hours must be made up for you to receive certification. A missed session can be made up the following ways:

  • You must make up the part of the session with a private session with the lead teacher ( Kristin ) at the cost of $90/hour on the scale below, that must be done before the next month's training:
    1-hour private for every 1-3 hours missed.
    2-hour private for every 4-7 hours missed.
    3-hour private for every 8-12 hours missed.

  • During the next YTT cycle the following year, the session that you missed can be made up at no extra charge, but your certification will be pending upon completion.

    Remember: You must have 180 contact hours to graduate with certification from this training. You can miss up to 20 hours ( must be made up as listed above) during this training period.  If you have questions prior to signing up for this training, please feel to contact Kristin at

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