Here's what people are saying about Be.Yoga...


"For me, Be.Yoga is more than a place to practice my yoga.  It is a community of warm and compassionate souls.  I feel so welcome and comforted there."  ~ Tom

"Be.Yoga is a nurturing, welcoming community where each individual can feel comfortable to develop a yoga practice that is what they need.  Kristin and staff are highly experienced and trained yoga teachers, who care deeply about each student and making sure that yoga is safe, fun, and works at all levels, including the physical and the spiritual.  The other students at the center are friendly and kind.  Be.Yoga feels like "home".  I wish I could spend even more time there!" --Karen

“Have you ever been to one of those rare movies where nobody gets up after it’s finished? Everyone is sitting there as the end credits roll down the screen and the theater is still and quiet. The audience collectively recognizing something special has just happened and want to, need to linger in the moment of the happening. That’s kind of what it’s like when you’re finished with your yoga teacher training at Be.Yoga. The classes offered everything one needs for a quality yoga teacher training experience. All of the who, what, when, where & why of the ancient practice of yoga. The teachers know their craft, the training is well thought out and rigorous - it’s a full program. 
But that is not what keeps theaters filled with people sitting silently with their own thoughts after the movie. And not why one pauses, quietly reflecting on their yoga teacher training experience at Be.Yoga. The magic was not in the tale, but in the telling. It wasn’t so much what was said as how it was said. It wasn’t in the information; the teachings and texts, good as they were. The magic was in how Kristin & friends invited us into their world, the craft and practice of yoga. Be.Yoga is a village of vibrant, alive, creative and talented people sharing their gifts in a wonderfully unique way. It was quite a journey.
Did I mention it was fun? PJP, Be.Yoga YTT 200 Graduate ~ Spring 2018”

" in Avon stands out for two reasons.   The instructors have the true yogi spirit.  Everyone is treated with love and kindness without judgment .   Second, the space is heavenly.   I've been practicing yoga for nearly ten years and have tried a dozen studios and is simply the best!"  --Kevin

"I have to take this opportunity to share that I love, love, love Patricia's gentle yoga class! She brings exactly what I was looking for as I begin my long forgotten yoga practice. In my opinion Patricia combines just the right amount of breath work and stretches that are not too overly challenging but enough so that they result in an inner focus and level of concentration that "clears space in my head" as Patricia explained. I love that! I love the readings she brings and how she presents them while holding poses. It's a perfect opportunity for inner reflection. And she is so supportive with the props - encouraging them and bringing them over during certain poses - many I would have no idea how to use if she was not right there with them. All of it just perfect! I appreciate her and am so happy to have found her class." ~ Heidi

"Working with Kristin in the Be.Yoga Teacher Training program has been one of the very best gifts I've ever given myself! What a luxury it has been to bathe in the study of yogic history, philosophy, energy and practices with an intimate group of like minded women! Kristin's poetic ability to deliver, communicate and help me better understand this ancient, yet modern culture has served me well and allowed me to make it my own." ~ Tobey

"I am so honored to have been a part of Kristin's first YTT at BE Yoga. I could not have imagined how comprehensive this training would be! I knew from taking Kristin's weekly yoga classes that she presents yoga right down to the deepest cellular level. Still, I was unprepared for how much, as a group and individually, we would learn. As questions arose, they sparked meaningful discussions. Kristin's expressions of compassion and sensitivity cultivated the same behaviors in others and created a warm, safe circle of yogis. We were encouraged to bring our unique experiences and backgrounds to the circle and these differences were clearly celebrated. This is definitely not One-size-fits-all yoga teacher training! I learned to deepen my personal practice and how to naturally incorporate yogic principles into my work as a teacher of cross-cultural shamanism and spiritual studies. As a result of taking this training, I am confident that yoga will become a joyful and lifelong practice for me." ~ Joyce S - Shamanic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

"Be.Yoga is phenomenal because of the culture of love and compassion that the owners Leslie & Kristin have established in the studio. There is no judgment and they find a way to make Yoga work for every body. I go to Be.Yoga two or three times a week because it makes me strong and at peace. Love it!" --Karen

"Be. Yoga is a place to come back to yourself. You can find any class to meet you where you are in your mind, body and soul. Each teacher is warm and welcoming to every student. The space is beautiful and unique, be sure check out the gorgeous wood work inside! I encourage anyone who has been thinking of trying out yoga, or is a total yogi to come. The workshops are always offering interesting ways to improve your life with obtainable and realistic ways of living a happy and healthy life. Thank you Be. Yoga for holding space to explore ourselves!" --Anneliese

"I have enjoyed practicing at Be.Yoga and I tell people all the time."I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for yoga!". It's been such a rewarding journey discovering new ways of healing and strengthening my body and mind. I appreciate the depth of knowledge and commitment the teachers share with their students. The studio is a welcoming and safe place to do yoga and a peaceful place to leave the outside world behind. I feel very blessed to have you all in my yoga journey~~ Thank you~~~ I appreciate all the teachers at be especially Julie, Kristin, Rebecca and Mary Kay. <3" --Sheryl

"I am so thankful and grateful for Kristin, Julie and Iris. By taking their yoga classes, they have helped me so much. They are all so caring and listen to you if you have a question or if there is something that you need to work on. Their classes are always so healing and inspiring. They have shown me that even when you think that you can't do a stretch, try it, and listen to your heart, and your body will follow. By doing yoga from your heart, you can do anything, and that is why Kristin, Julie and Iris have changed my life and helped me so much. They have touched my heart, and I don't know where I would be today without taking yoga from them." --Julie