Class Descriptions

How do I pick a class that is right for me?

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Perfect for people who like a more meditative, slower practice. Good for those with injuries or who just need to relax.

Mixed Level

These classes are appropriate for all levels of students. Teachers will show modifications for students who prefer gentler and/or more vigorous practices.


Still don't know?

Give Kristin a call. I'm happy to help you find
the class that is just right for you! 

Then look at:


Postures are held longer to access the Yin structures of the body, ie. fascia and connective tissue.

Yoga For Every Body

Non-viinyasa, moves from posture to posture with longer holds. Class varies depending on the theme. A welcoming class for everyone.


Moving from posture sequence to posture sequence in a flowing style using the breath as a guide. Some longer holds.


Based on Sun Salutations and a flow from posture to posture tied to the breath.


Emphasis on strengthening. Offers a more demanding practice for those looking for a challenge.


Holding postures with the aid of props, deeply relaxing and restorative;  long, comfortable holds.