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Payment plan options: 

100-hour training: $400 non-refundable deposit with application; $500 due January 1; 3 equal additional payments, due before YTT each month. (A valid credit card must be provided for automatic payments along with a signed payment agreement.)

200-hour training: $400 non refundable deposit with application; $800 due January 1; 5 equal additional payments, due before YTT each month. (A valid credit card must be provided for automatic payments along with a signed payment agreement.)

Please reach out to Kristin if these payments do not work and are hindering your choice to take YTT. Kristin will work with you as best she can to determine payment plan that is fair to you and Be.Yoga.

Cancellation policy: $400 deposit paid with application is non-refundable. Any other payments are transferrable to next session of YTT if one needs to complete over 2 sessions. If you foresee any problems completing either course please discuss with Kristin prior to your commitment.

Thoughts shared h those that have taken 100/200 Hr Ytt

"Working with Kristin in the Be.Yoga Teacher Training program has been one of the very best gifts I've ever given myself! What a luxury it has been to bathe in the study of yogic history, philosophy, energy and practices with an intimate group of like minded women! Kristin's poetic ability to deliver, communicate and help me better understand this ancient, yet modern culture has served me well and allowed me to make it my own." ~ Tobey

"I am so honored to have been a part of Kristin's first YTT at BE Yoga. I could not have imagined how comprehensive this training would be! I knew from taking Kristin's weekly yoga classes that she presents yoga right down to the deepest cellular level. Still, I was unprepared for how much, as a group and individually, we would learn. As questions arose, they sparked meaningful discussions. Kristin's expressions of compassion and sensitivity cultivated the same behaviors in others and created a warm, safe circle of yogis. We were encouraged to bring our unique experiences and backgrounds to the circle and these differences were clearly celebrated. This is definitely not One-size-fits-all yoga teacher training! I learned to deepen my personal practice and how to naturally incorporate yogic principles into my work as a teacher of cross-cultural shamanism and spiritual studies. As a result of taking this training, I am confident that yoga will become a joyful and lifelong practice for me." ~ Joyce ~

"Kristin is always open and flexible, yet leads you to stretch your limits, while respecting your boundaries. She has an ability to bring out the unique gifts each student brings to their practice and future teachings. Kristin's ever smiling gentle spirit is inspirational and provides a nurturing, supportive environment for self discovery and growth." ~ Jan

“Have you ever been to one of those rare movies where nobody gets up after it’s finished? Everyone is sitting there as the end credits roll down the screen and the theater is still and quiet. The audience collectively recognizing something special has just happened and want to, need to linger in the moment of the happening. That’s kind of what it’s like when you’re finished with your yoga teacher training at Be.Yoga. The classes offered everything one needs for a quality yoga teacher training experience. All of the who, what, when, where & why of the ancient practice of yoga. The teachers know their craft, the training is well thought out and rigorous - it’s a full program. But that is not what keeps theaters filled with people sitting silently with their own thoughts after the movie. And not why one pauses, quietly reflecting on their yoga teacher training experience at Be.Yoga.The magic was not in the tale, but in the telling. It wasn’t so much what was said as how it was said. It wasn’t in the information; the teachings and texts, good as they were. The magic was in how Kristin & friends invited us into their world, the craft and practice of yoga. Be.Yoga is a village of vibrant, alive, creative and talented people sharing their gifts in a wonderfully unique way. It was quite a journey.
Did I mention it was fun? PJP, Be.Yoga YTT 200 Graduate ~ Spring 2018”