Be.Yoga Teacher Training,
100- and 200-hour Application

Thank you for your interest in our 200-hour Be.Yoga Teacher Training. Please answer the following questions, so that we can know you better. All of your answers will remain confidential. We will be in touch shortly.

Namasteʼ, Kristin


Email address_______________________________________________
Phone number(s)____________________________________________

How long have you been practicing yoga?



Where have and where do you now practice?



What is/ are your favorite style(s) of yoga?



Describe your practice and how many times per week you
practice asana.



Do you have a home practice?



Do you have a meditation practice?



What do you like best about yoga?



What is your favorite pose? Least favorite? Why?



What brought you to this practice? What keeps you



Do you have any chronic physical injuries or limitations or



Are you currently injured? Do you have a diagnosis by a physician?
If so, please explain.



Have you had a serious illness or major surgery within the last
five years?


Are you in recovery from a drug/alcohol addiction and if so,
how long?


Are you taking any medications at this time? Please list them.



What types of other exercise or physical activities do you
participate in, and how often?


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


What are you passionate about?



What are you grateful for?



What would you like to release and unburden yourself from?



Why did you choose to apply to the Be.Yoga Teacher Training



What are your expectations of this training? What do you
hope to learn?



How do you hope this training will help you grow both
personally and as a teacher?



How might you see yourself using this training when you are



Please list any other relevant trainings in which you have participated.


please share anything else you would like me to know about yourself, your intentions etc.