Scott cork - leads weekly energy healing circle

 I grew up in Wisconsin where my love for nature blossomed. Discovering wild, untouched land is a passion of mine. To touch it’s spirit and witness the interconnectedness of life makes me feel more alive. At 16, I spent6 weeks in Alaska, with National outdoor leadership school. Soon after I discovered Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School and have embarked on what has been 25 years of formally studying energy, tracking, bushcraft and the art of survival.  Most recently while tracking in the mountains of Peru, The Way of the Wolf came to me in the form of a vision. Since then, I have been layering my teachings and skill sets from my Jaguar Path yoga shamanism training to assist individual who want to explore their connection the themselves and the natural world around them, and how the 2 are connected. ( world within and around them in nature.) I work with people of all ages, often families and within organizations who are team building and looking to better understand their own energies and those around them. The benefits are many! Reach out to me to learn more and explore possibilities for learning individually, in workshops or on retreat.

Scott Cork
Founder of“Way of the Wolf”