Do you wish your family were closer? Your organization were more cohesive? You had a stronger connection to your kindred friends? Plan a personal retreat for you and your group!

Retreats are incredibly important and an amazingly special time to reconnect with oneself and the way in which your life is being lived. The opportunity to slow things down from the usual hustle and bustle, offers time to breathe... to root down... to blossom ... The space for reflection and connection is always a priority that will be placed on your Be.Yoga retreat with Kristin and guest teachers ( along with adventure, friendship, amazing food and fun :)

Reach out to Kristin to with your dream location if not one of the places she regularly visits and co create with her YOUR retreat experience and then allow her to manage the details, to be a guide on your journey. Kristin has taught yoga and meditation for over 15 years, she has traveled all over the world creating space for thousands of individuals to reconnect to what's most important to themselves in this one precious life we have to live! so Reach out! Dream! ( AND Enjoy your personal yogini travel guide for a day retreat, the weekend or a week!!! )

for more information contact or ring her for a chat live! 860.930.1311-cellular

Gallery from Costa Rica and Italy retreats... photos from trocones, chester, aruba and more to come soon!