Patricia Reville 

Through her Vinyasa Yoga classes Patricia seeks to gently help her students discover the myriad spiritual and physical treasures within the tradition of yoga.  Her classes aim to awaken all parts of the body and quiet the distractions of the mind through the use of the asana and breath. She aspires to offering her students’ nothing less than moments of pure awareness of harmony, beauty, peace, gratitude, compassion, and love. Patricia began a serious exploration of yoga 11 years ago and completed her 200 hundred hour at Valley Yoga in Simsbury with Maggie Rueda in 2012. Over the years Patricia’s approach to yoga has been most inspired by her teachers Kristin Cork and Maggie Rueda, and she has studied meditation at the Himalayan Institute, most recently with Dr. Rolf Sovik. In addition to teaching yoga, Patricia has a gardening business, four children, two German Shepherds, two Bad cats, and a husband. Additionally, she continues to be involved in the world of art and art history and various justice projects.