Myra Holt - leads anatomy Ytt

Myra took her first yoga class in 1994  and began to explore yoga in more depth over the next several years. She completed her yoga training at Karuna Yoga in 2006 and as a lifelong student has continued the scope of her studies with many skilled senior practitioners.  As a yoga teacher, she assists students in exploring the wisdom and richness of yoga while helping them understand the detail of alignment for a non-harmful practice, encourages curiosity and helps to cultivate the integration of mindfulness so that they may nurture themselves.  Her practice is influenced by her study of vipassana meditation, ayurveda, interest in neuroscience and intrigue of multiple healing applications.  She is a licensed physical therapist and has worked in various hospitals and healthcare institutions in addition to having a degree in nutrition.  She loves to hike, cook and travel with her family.