martha rouleau

Martha’s journey to become a yoga teacher was inspired deeply by her long-standing mindfulness practice of over 13 years that deepened her understanding of the magical nature of the mind and body connection.  As a trained scientist before becoming a public school educator, she soon delved deeply into the fascinating world of energetics of the body.  Martha has experienced on many occasions the body’s natural flow towards healing with the most vivid opportunity as she recently recovered from a concussion.  She gives much credit to her healing from integrating more deeply with her yoga practice uniting her mind and body for the benefit of overall health.  She is forever grateful for the teacher training experience that she shared with her fellow yogis led by Kristin Cork.   Martha considers it an honor to be able to practice with others sharing the journey of listening more deeply and compassionately to the true inner wisdom that resides within each of us.  For Martha, yoga is the path to uniting the mind with body and the heart with soul.  She wholeheartedly greets all on this unique and beautiful journey.