katie deming

I began practicing yoga 8 years ago, and at the time I never thought it would one day hold such a vast space in my life.  It started as just a bunch of poses, but as I began to practice more consistently I started to see yoga as a means to connect to your most organic self and cultivate greater body awareness through breath and movement. Throughout the years yoga came in and out of my life, but it was always there when I was feeling disconnected or uninspired.  In 2013 I entered into a 200-hour yoga teacher-training intensive program for hatha/vinyasa yoga at Frog Lotus Yoga in North Adams, MA. Since my training I have taught various styles, from gentle/restorative to power vinyasa, and everything in between.   In class there is an emphasis on breath to create fluidity in movement, and a strong focus on sensation rather than aesthetics.  I also like to encourage students to think of the practice as a means to get to know the body through all the subtle shifts, and use that to live more consciously off of the mat.