kathy campbell

I began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2009 & instantly became passionate for the practice.  I started to realize the incredible connection of mind, body and breath. I intentionally and mindfully began to feel my body, embrace the silence of the room, and immerse myself into the power of ujjayi breath and drishti. After years of a dedicated Bikram practice, I began to venture out into the yoga world, exploring different styles and practices of yoga & the traditions of a yogic lifestyle. I fell in love with Vinyasa Flow (Power). I am passionate about guiding students to link breath and movement, making space in the body to process information. By immersing oneself in both drishti and breath, this invites the idea of surrender to the present moment. Yoga changed EVERYTHING for me, and continues to evolve every part of my life and my being. I wanted to learn more and share that feeling with others through teaching and creating classes that open the door for feeling whatever it is that one feels, to get raw and real, excited, vulnerable, opening the mind, trusting the body and finding acceptance within each breath. The asanas lead to an amazing journey on and off the mat, taking practice into everyday life.