Iris Maurer 

Iris is a certified Ana Forest yoga instructor, a tradition which she chose for its emphasis on physical and spiritual healing, as well as the intensity and thoroughness of training.  And is trained in the insight Yoga methods of Sarah Powers, integrating Yoga, Buddhism and Chinese Medicine.  Iris is inspired and has learned hands on Vinyasana teaching by Sean Corn.  Iris teaches all levels of yoga (gentle, yin, mixed, & power yoga), workshops blending yoga and meditation practice, and yoga for seniors in assisted living facilities and cancer survivors.  Class instruction is thorough and personalized, integrates skillful breathing, and is offered in a comfortable and spiritual atmosphere.  Iris also practices Buddhists Insight (Vipassana) Meditation as a complement to yoga practice and instruction.  She teaches and trains students of all ages to be aware of their body, mind and soul in a natural and holistic way. Iris is also an accomplished Personal Trainer, Aerobics and Zumba instructor.  Iris has been trained in group and individual instruction in an extensive range of fitness techniques (Certified & Insured Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer & Group Instructor.) The broad scope of her fitness training, her artistic sense of dance choreography & natural Latin rhythm, and the depth of her spiritual sensitivity creates a unique blend that is highly valued by students.  Iris draws upon the breadth of her experience and creativity to design classes that students praise as both engaging and effective:  dynamic, spontaneous, motivating.  In addition to training hard core athletes, Iris works extensively with the elderly and individuals recovering from serious medical illnesses.  Iris draws upon this versatility of experience and training to design individual and class instruction that meets the specific needs of each student, whatever their level of experience or fitness. Iris teaches several walk-in classes, as well as private or group sessions at the studio or your home.