With Scott Cork -

Meets weekly on Thursday evenings at 6:45 pm @ Be.Yoga
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The healing circle is open to anyone who feels the calling to join. The intent of this circle is healing where action must be present to promote change.

Each week the focus and theme of the circle will be slightly different and expand on various topic. Depending on the overall energy of the group, Scott will offer guidance and tools for individuals as well as the group as a whole to forge further on their own unique paths. This is a place to come if you feel like sharing and holding space with like minded brothers and sisters. There will be time for sharing, however this is not exclusively a share circle.

Please join us if you feel the calling to come and share space with others or to hold space for others in their journey. 

Scott Cork founder of the White Wolf Medicine Society is happy to share his healing circle at Be.Yoga. Scott is a long time student of earth living skills, native awareness, and shamanic healing practices. Scott is a long time student of Tom Brown Jr. and sits on one of the keeper groups at the Tracker school. Scott has worked extensively with different healers and healing techniques throughout much of his life which has significantly changed his life, allowing him to find, follow and pursue his own path. 

Scott has also spent significant time with NOLS Outdoor Leadership School and the Jaguar Path. At an early age Scott was drawn to the natural world and its gifts. He has explored many wild places throughout his life from Alaska to the tip of South America, feeling most at home with the un-altered horizon line, able to enjoy countless stars in the nights sky where he feels most at home and most alive. 

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In regards to his private appointments for healing sessions.