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Costa Rica Yoga Retreat - 1 space left for female ( will have roommate)

 Kristin Cork @ The Sanctuary at Two Rivers

 Yoga, Meditation & Movement at Ease ~ explore & connect to the elements of nature within & around oneself


Enjoy the boutique treehouse accomations at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers! 

The sanctuary is a private, boutique eco-resort nestled between two rivers on the southernmost tip of the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica...where jungle meets ocean and the experience of bathing the senses allows you to explore the pathway to your true essence.  The Sanctuary has tropical, modern, zen jungle loft accommodations set amongst picturesque tropical gardens with observation decks, hammocks and jungle vistas. Private bathrooms and waterfall showers in each tree house!!

We will dive into the aspects of our practices that in a typical group class we may not have the time to explore. We'll dive thru the layers of mind, breath and body and each class will building upon the last. 20 hr. of Continuing Ed Credits are offered during Week 1

Experience the inward journey of practicing daily yoga, sunrise meditation, hiking to sacred waterfalls, swimming in the Pacific, relaxing in garden hammocks.  

Enjoy artistic-gourmet vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free cuisine. The talented plant-based chef at The Sanctuary creates three unforgettable Tropical Fusion meals per day inspired by the world’s greatest cuisines. Meals are designed around the seasons using Ayurvedic principles while incorporating the best and freshest local ingredients, herbs and spices. All organic produce comes from local Costa Rican family farms.        

Enliven your senses with the exotic cuisine, tropical flora & fauna, wild sounds, vibrant aromas, warm & lush environment.

We'll do a Waterfall Wellness Ritual led by Liz Lindh ~ an empowering adventure including a full body cleansing and exfoliating treatment using indigenous fruits, flowers, oils and herbs, a guided river hike, waterfall climb, meditation, sacred mineral pool plunge and healing abhyanga (self massage with jungle flower infused fresh-pressed coconut oil).

We'll also experience a Sound Healing Gong Bath - A transcendent experience including guided pranayama to balance and ground, gentle stretching to relax and heal followed by a gong concert under the stars. This experience is relaxing, nourishing, cleaning and powerful in the jungle air.      

1 double space is left!!