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"Be.Within" 100/200 hr YTT in Isla Mujeres @ Coco B Wellness and Yoga 200+ hour yoga alliance certified yoga teacher training program is for those who want deeper inquiry, understanding and integration of the different physical and energetic qualities of our bodies, breath  and mind. we'll explore how they interconnect and how to access these different layers that make up who we are thru the yogic lens.  Kristin Cork developed this training incorporating 23 years of yogic studies and 1000's of hours teaching others with an emphasis  on helping one find their own unique voice, abilities and yogic teaching style.  Thru this training you will become more confident and intuitive in your personal practice and teachings. you'll leave with the tools to connect deeply to your own inner wisdom  and strengthen the way you choose to live your life both on the mat and in the world. anyone is invited to dive into this journey regardless of abilities, as long as you have a willingness to inquire, pause, ponder and practice. this time diving in, will reconnect  you to you - awake, aware and inspired.

Facilitator and teaching lead, Kristin Cork, ( founder of Be.Yoga ) wholeheartedly  believes in the balance between adventure and study.  In keeping with that belief we will include a 4 night adventure into the beautiful neighboring state of the Yucatan!  This 4 nights excursions will give students the opportunity to really experience an inland community, swim in an underground cenote, and tour the remarkable Mayan Site Ek Balam. 

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