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Three Pillars of Practice: Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement

with Bethany Astrachan

Saturday, March 11 from 1-3:30 p.m.

Join Bethany on a mindful journey to relaxation and focus. Slow down, pay attention, and explore the three disciplines--meditation, mindfulness, and yoga--to cultivate ease in body and mind. This workshop will include two 20-minute meditations. Some experience with yoga is recommended. Bring a yoga mat and meditation cushion or firm pillow (optional).
Bethany Astrachan, MA, RYT, has been teaching yoga in the area for 10 years, and she is a graduate of West Hartford Yoga's Teacher Training Program. She has studied with national instructors, including Ana Forrest, Sarah Powers, and Tias Little, and her vinyasa-flow classes reflect those influences as well as her own emphasis on strong technique, mindfulness, and meditation. Bethany's appreciation for and study of eastern philosophy and culture started at a young age when her father, a high school English teacher in the 1970s, began practicing Zen Buddhism. Her passion during those years was ballet, and she studied in New York City at SAB (School of American Ballet). Instead of aspiring to be a dancer, at 18, she pursued academia, and art history became her focus for some time. As an adult, she discovered yoga, a discovery that was fueled by her formative years as a dancer and as a student of eastern culture.  After years of sitting in libraries, yoga re-acquainted her with the joy of moving her body through space. Bethany has spent time at a Zen Monastery in Upstate New York, and she shares with her students a Zen perspective. She lives in West Hartford with her husband, two teenagers, and dog, Romeo, who daily teaches Bethany to be compassionate, patient, and present.