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Yoga and the Luminous Body

with Ray Crist & Scott Cork

Sunday, October 23
1 pm - 4 p.m.

In this workshop we will explore the chakras, the endocrine system and our energetic luminous field and how to clear any restrictions or blocks in our energetic field. There will be a 1 hour Vinyasa Yoga practice, a lecture and then experiential exercises we will do. Through the shaman's eyes we will see how yoga practice assists the somatic release of stagnated energies. Both Yogis and shamans alike understand that experiences are stored in the cells of the body. We will practice techniques for freeing energy,awakening our yoga practice and bringing us to a deeper level of balance, healing and ease. Mind–Body–Soul In this exploration we will heal and empower all three perceptual states. We will strengthen our body through asana, expand our mind through lecture and liberate the spirit thru different exercises learning powerful cleansing techniques. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Mind—The Chakra System We will explore the chakras as the endocrine system. We will learn about the glands, what they are, how they are connected to the nervous system and how they dictate our interaction with the world.

Body-Yoga Asana Ray will share the shamanʼs view of energy and how it shifts and clears through yoga Asana. He will provide knowledge, information, and instruction on teaching as well as on personal practice.

Ray Crist has traveled through Mexico and Peru in search of indigenous healers. An apprentice of three shamans from lineages as old as the Inca civilization and the Amazon jungle shamans, Ray has a background in Chinese medicine, Thai Yoga, and martial arts, and is a Kripalu Yoga teacher. He offers retreats throughout the world, teaching contemporary Westerners how to use shamanic tools and yoga to live a balanced and empowered life. He has explored the outdoors as a sailing boat captain, diver, snowboarder, kayaker, and paddle boarder, and loves sharing his inspiration through yoga, kayaking, and meditation.