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Palmistry: Your Life is in Your Hands

with Joyce St. Germaine

Friday, March 6
6:30-8:30 p.m.

Discover what mysteries lie hidden in your hands or in the hands of others. See who can keep secrets as revealed by their pinky fingers and who has natural healing gifts as shown by the "Samaritan Lines". Great artistic abilities will show in one's thumbs and teaching gifts by the appearance of "Teacher's Squares". There are many aspects of one's hand which, when understood, can help shape a more joyful and meaningful life. Take this time to look carefully at your own hands and thus your own life. Find out if you are too emotionally vulnerable or if you need to become more approachable by analyzing your "Angle of Generosity". If you have a heightened "Degree of Sensitivity", partnered with a high "Degree of Compassion", you can determine how to use these gifts to help others rather than to feel helpless or depressed. Learn if you are ready to make a major life change by learning about you "Life Line" (which shows your enthusiasm for life, not your life span) and your "Destiny Line" and know how to create the best possible outcome. See if your current health challenges were agreed to before you were born (Karmic) or whether they can be lovingly released.Take a close look at your "Heart Line" to see whether you are ruled more by the head or by the heart and then see how to recognize your perfect romantic partner. Finally, see if you possess the rare “Lottery Lines” which indicate the potential for big winnings! There will be plenty of chuckles and lots of "Aha!" moments! You’ll be amazed and amused!

Please bring a magnifying glass if you have one and, if possible, a photo copy of each palm clearly showing the major lines. You may find it helpful to download in advance, a free app for your cell phone which is a light and also magnifying glass. Please bring a notebook/journal or blank paper larger than your hand.