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Yin Yoga & Insight Meditation with Tibetan Bowls

with Iris and Roy Maurer 

Saturday, April 25
1-4 p.m.
$55 in advance; $65 at the door

This workshop integrates Buddhist Insight Meditation and Insight (or "Yin") Yoga practices. Singing bowls figure prominently in the healing aspects of this class. It's an opportunity to quiet the mind and body and deepen practice. Instruction is designed for those new to both meditation and yoga; however, students of all levels are welcome.

Iris is certified in the Ana Forrest tradition of Hatha Yoga with and emphasis on spiritual healing, and is trained in the Insight Yoga methods of Sarah Powers, integrating Yoga, Buddhism and Chinese medicine. Iris is also an experienced Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. Roy has practiced Buddhist Insight Meditation for over 30 years. He has a master of Divinity from Yale and spent several years living in Zen Buddhist and Christian monastic settings and intensive Vipassana meditation retreats.

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