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Liquid Spine & Arm Balancing with Katie Deming

With Katie Deming


Spinal movement is a foundational tool in the physical asana practice. When you are able to physically comprehend the movement in your own spine, you can then begin to integrate these tools into your daily practice.  Learn how the vertebra are aligned and how to properly lengthen and extend the spine through wave like actions, using a variety of supine, seated, and standing sequences. We will then integrate this knew knowledge into a basic arm balance practice and learn how the spine plays a huge role in lifting you into any variation of an arm balance.   Side plank and crow pose will set the foundational tools to work with and/or move onto other postures.  Standing balance and spinal movement will be incorporated as well to learn how to press and root down in order to lift , lengthen, and work with your personal point of balance.  Practice will close out with hip openers and savasana. 

ALL levels welcome!

1-3:00 pm, $25.00

Registration is required please!!

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