SUP Yoga on the Farmington River
6:00 pm18:00

SUP Yoga on the Farmington River

Friday, August 4
6-7:30 p.m.
$48 - Equipment rental & yoga class

Yoga on a stand up paddle board is serene and challenging at the same time! The board on the water requires extra balance which invigorate's your yoga practice. The gentle rocking of the water requires us to be in the present moment! Unlike any yoga experience you will ever have, you'll enjoy getting in touch with your body and nature. Working at your own level, progress as you create a connection between water, board and breath. Beginners welcome.


Friday Night Flow
5:30 pm17:30

Friday Night Flow

With Lara Dotson-Renta

Friday, February 10 ~ 5:30-6:45 pm

Use your card or drop in for $17!

Join Lara and use breath to calm the mind, flow thru postures to alleviate joint stiffness, learn to tune into your bodies needs in this all levels class. Optional aromatherapy at the end of class offered during final relaxation.





Elements of Balance
1:00 pm13:00

Elements of Balance

with Katie Deming 

Start at the beginning. Learn the basics of balance starting with Tadasana (mountain pose) and gain the tools and information needed to bring more balance into your yoga practice and life. Learn about how unconscious patterns are created in the body, how they can negatively effect posture, and how to work towards realigning. Balancing exercises will be incorporated to build on technique and body awareness. This workshop is open to ALL levels of practice.

Registration is $20, OR sign up for all three Saturday workshops including elements of balance, liquid spine, and arm balancing for a discounted price of $55!


Fill Your Cup with Kindness ~ Joyce St. Germaine
4:00 pm16:00

Fill Your Cup with Kindness ~ Joyce St. Germaine

Celebrate the New Year with us! 

Join Joyce St. Germaine and together set a loving, respectful, healing tone for 2017.

It is well within our collective energies to Promote Peace, Cultivate Light, Spread Love and Kindness. Please join us to savor "Sweetness Shared"... cookies and treats, fruit, tea and hot chocolate supported by the universal sweetness of positive energy and kind intention.

         To show your earth-love, please bring your favorite cup or mug!                         

Join us in a powerful Gong Meditation and Prayer for Universal Healing. Participate in Cross-Cultural Shamanic Ceremoniesto spread your kindest New Year's intentions. Create a Peace Feather to take home and live your intentions...please bring a feather if you can. There will be some feathers for sharing and all other materials will be provided. We will close with a celebratory circle and playful expression of drums, rattles, tambourines, kazoos, chimes, voices...whatever you bring! There will be extra instruments.

Bask in the magic of powerful, loving, community spirit!         

Kindly let us know if you will be attending and if you would like to bring something yummy to share. If you have special dietary restrictions, please bring something that meets all of your needs. Thanks!

RSVP to Be. Yoga (860) 930-1311/ 

OR Joyce (860) 675-9706/