caitlin lassy 

I first started doing yoga about 5 years ago. I was a runner and I was looking for other kinds of exercise to enhance my running, and to give me something different to do on my days off from running. Yoga always looked appealing to me, so I would take a class here and there and do a DVD at home every once in a while. I never found anything that really amazed me or got me hooked though, until I found a studio in Torrington a couple of years ago that taught power yoga. I instantly fell in love with that style of yoga. It was a good workout, so it made me feel good. I was doing something physically good for my body. But all of that came with the perfect side of mindfulness. It was definitely something more than just physical. It did something good for my heart and for my soul. So, I kept going to classes regularly and after a few months, I had realized, an eating disorder that I had been seriously struggling with for 5 years was cured, almost like magic! My whole life really started to change. The way I lived my life and looked at myself and my life started to change. Not long after that I decided I wanted to teach because I am so, so passionate about yoga and how it has helped and continues to help me and my life....I just want to share its beauty with as many people as possible!