Meditation Mentoring Program

If you have been thinking, I should learn to meditate!
If you are looking for a way to reset, rejuvenate, and meet life head on from a place of balance,
If you are looking for an approach that DOES NOT tell you, you must “clear your mind” to have a meditative experience,
If you are looking for a one on one mentor to coach you in the skills needed to create a personal practice designed specifically for you,
Then consider joining me for this Instinctive Meditation Mentorship Program.
This approach to meditation could also be beneficial if you are in search of tools to help with anxiety or stress, managing habits that feel unhealthy, or managing life transitions.

Who am I?

My name is Tobey Mintz and I am an Instinctive Meditation teacher. I have studied with Lorin Roche, author of “Meditation Made Easy” and “The Radiance Sutras.” After several years of practicing Mindfulness Meditation, I discovered nstinctive Meditation.

What is Instinctive Meditation?

Instinctive Meditation is a style of meditation that takes you on a journey into yourself using skills that are based in self-care, freedom, permissiveness, and love.
Instinctive Meditation welcomes and embraces the value and creativeness of your brilliant problem-solving mind!
Instinctive Meditation builds skills using your senses, your instincts, and elements of nature, in a fresh, spontaneous way that can be exhilarating, nurturing, or harmonious.

Why this approach to meditation?

Most people lead lives that are busy, including responsibility to friends, families, and jobs. We all need time to REST, RENEW, RELAX. We could all use a style of meditation that is tailored to our individual needs.

How does this Meditation Mentorship work?

Over the course of 3 months, we will meet 12 times.
The first 6 meetings will be spaced closely together in order to establish goals and learn the skills appropriate for success in making this approach your own.
The final 6 meetings will be spaced first weekly, then bi-weekly in order to give you time to practice and formulate questions relating to challenges that come up during your practice.
You will also have a pass to participate in my weekly group meditation class at on Thursday evenings from 6:50 to 7:50 during the 12 weeks of your mentorship program.

Where will we meet?

Mentorship meetings will take place at either during available hours, or my office.
O if you need flexibility, meetings can be done through Skype sessions in the comfort of your own home.

How much does it cost?

$700 plus Ct sales tax
$400 non-refundable deposit
Balance to be paid when first session begins

Click here to pay deposit & begin your journey!