anneliese hurlock 

Anneliese has a love of yoga and healing. She aims to offer classes for anyone to join with a "come as you are" approach. She began her yoga path in Collinsville taking classes from Leslie, and Kristin, her adopted sister-mentors. They helped harness her personal growth and transformation over the past 4 years. She worked at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers as part of the Culinary Collective, in Costa Rica. There she felt the healing effects of yoga and meditation, along with a whole foods diet, and learned her passion was to help others. She knew going into teaching yoga it would need to be based on yoga as therapy, a very dear to her heart undertaking and chose to train with Ganesh Mohan, in Indonesia. There he taught a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and two modules on yoga for anxiety and depression. In her spare time she in interested in yoga as treatment for healing and also took a weekend course with Bessel van der Kolk at Kripalu, focusing on the affects of trauma on the body, and how to bring it into treatment. Growing, learning, and loving.