Ann Gorjanc 

I would like to begin by saying how happy I am for Leslie and Kristin on the launching of their new yoga center Be.Yoga. I have said all along that the two of them are natural captains when it comes to navigating the often tumultuous ( yet exciting) waters of owning ones own business! Beyond this, they are beautiful yoga beings and I am so pleased to be part of this center. I have been teaching yoga since 1997, certified through the Integrative Yoga Therapy Program, a program that focuses a great deal on the holistic health aspects of yoga. Since I also practice as a Pediatric P.A., this program was a natural fit for me, leading me to discover the complexities of the mind-body connection. My yoga practice has had an incredible influence on my shift away from traditional western medical thinking to being able to see students and patients from a healthier holistic perspective. And along the way, I have developed quite a love of teaching the art and science of yoga. My style of teaching, is like that of being lead through a meditation in motion, with a focus on helping students to develop their "muscles of awareness" through their ongoing practice. This awareness is brought to the breath and the breath then is the link that guides students to seethemselveswith the same holistic eye. As their practice strengthens, so does their connection to their physical, their mental and their spirit bodies. And ultimately, this spirit body takes us to the grandest connection of all...that of the life force, the yogic energy, that we share with the whole universe. I invite all students new or seasoned to come and join us.