amy bannon

Amy’s personal path to yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic lifestyle began approximately 17 years ago, as she was searching for ways to experience authentic healing in her life.   As Amy continued to dive deeper into these practices, her personal mantra continued to be “I find joy in becoming an active participant in my own emotional, physical and spiritual health.”   As an individual who suffered numerous bouts of anxiety and depression, this newfound passion and committed daily practices became the “balm” for rechanneling her creativity and transforming all aspects of her life. Amy’s journey eventually led her to extensive study and immersed trainings at the Chopra Center in California where, over the years she became a specialized instructor with advanced qualifications to teach yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic lifestyle. Her experiences also include the opening and management of a community-based wellness center in Simsbury, Connecticut in collaboration with her husband, Mark. As the founder and operator of Enlightened Way Wellness Center, she was able to utilize her experiences and teachings to expand upon her life’s dream as well as share inspiration and gifts with the community and beyond, engaging with others to help them “discover their own unique path to balance.”Upon the closing of the center in 2012, she continued to explore, teach, and share these beautiful gifts and further immersed herself in expanded trainings in Ayurveda and yoga. In 2012, Amy became additionally certified as an “Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist” through the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA.  She completed her specialized “500-Hour Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher” certification from Kripalu in 2013.  During the entire year of year of 2013-2014, Amy attended The Kripalu School of Ayurveda, and feels very blessed to expand her journey to become an “Ayurvedic Health Counselor." One of Amy’s biggest joys in life is cooking, and utilizing FOOD and SPICES as medicine.  
Amy embraces REAL natural whole foods and spices for enjoyment, health, and for the vibrant healing power it has. Well, let’s just say that she is in love with everything about FOOD! Cooking, eating, and sharing her knowledge of how to incorporate a healthy eating lifestyle continues to be one of her favorite passions in life. As an expansion of her life’s purpose, Amy has developed and launched a personal vision called “Gentle Shifts for Well-Being: A Holistic Approach to Whole Living”.  Gentle Shifts provides workshops, private sessions, and group sessions as a way of “meeting people where they are,” utilizing in-depth Holistic and Ayurvedic principles to help them begin a life rich in vital energy. Understanding that each person is also a unique expression of nature, we can transform the “one size fits all” philosophy, which allows us to discover and respect our own uniqueness. Amy's hope is to provide a platform to take your awareness to that subtle level of yourself, inviting a comfortable approach without strain. Her vision is to help you imbibe the energy you need to create your own path to balance and vitality. In 2015, Amy became a local Hospice Volunteer through the McLean Hospice group.  Growing up with a mother who is a hospice nurse, this inspirational volunteer work was a natural path for Amy.   “The simple notion of how strangers can connect with a family for a period of time and make a difference, will keep this path going for me,” says Amy. “ Supporting families and patients as they journey toward the end of life is such an honor.” NAMASTE’